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New Vision for a New Decade

Formed in 2005 and now celebrating its 15th year, the Capital Angels is a corporation that provides a forum for qualified high-net worth individuals to proactively support Capital Region entrepreneurs through both investment and direct activities supporting the companies. The organisation is currently undertaking a strategic planning and organisational re-structure program prior to a re-launch in July 2020. We therefore will not be seeking applications from companies seeking investment until the end of May 2020.

If you are an investor interested in joining Capital Angels and:

  • have a proven a track record managing and building successful companies either as an entrepreneur or operating executive
  • experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • knowledgeable and brings an extensive peer network of domain expertise
  • connected with contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology
  • can become involved and able to dedicate time and effort to CA activities, including attendance at dinner meetings and screening sessions, mentoring entrepreneurs.

If you are a less experienced investor and are interested in becoming involved in Capital Angels, we would also love to hear from you. Capital Angels will be providing a number of both formal and informal opportunities to 'learn the ropes' of early stage investors. We value and stress ongoing Angel development and education.

Capital Angels provides a forum and structure for regular and formal meetings with potential companies and entrepreneurs, facilitating information exchange. The members of Capital Angels make individual investment decisions based on their own individual assessment of the opportunity presented. By the very nature of these investments, they are high risk at best. As an organisation, Capital Angels cannot make and does not make representations as to the suitability of any potential investment nor does Capital Angels as an organisation make investments or investment decisions. Please contact us to find out more.

Join Capital Angels

Why invest as part of a group? You might think it's to make money, but for many of us it's a way to give back to the community, to help build successful companies and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. And we hope to make money.

A Capital Angel seeks investment opportunities that reflect the knowledge powerhouse that is the ACT and region. Opportunities that are associated with the Capital's research institutions and that have a deep IP base are particularly welcome. However, any entreprenuer that views Canberra as its stepping stone to the global marketplace is encouraged to consider taking a Capital Angel along for the journey.

Entrepreneurship in the ACT

A report which looks into the status, history and future potential of Canberra and the surrounding region as a location for entrepreneurs to build globally successful commercial enterprises. This report has been produced by Capital Angels in association with Lighthouse and the assistance of numerous local entrepreneurs.